Internship Programme

UKHRC offers internship in summers for the month of May & June and in winters December & January minimum period of 15 days to students from various streams, to have attachment with the Commission. The Commission provides the opportunity to the students to apply classroom theory to "real world" situations thus enhancing the students ' academic and career goals. During the internship, the students are exposed to the functioning of theCommission. They are also made aware of the process of complaints being attended to by the Commission as well as other issues being taken up.

Applications are invited from students for Internship. Interested students may send their applications along with following documents:

1. Detailed request with specific dates for internship.

2. Complete Bio-Data.

3. Recommendation letter from the University/Institute/College.


4. Undertaking.

Contact Person: 

Mr. Santosh Sati

Uttarakhand Human Rights Commission

6, Bharmawala, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun

Ph. 0135- 2608444



Cases Received and Processed: in
 August 2012 – November 2018
(As per an early estimate)

Total Registration                   : 10128

Total Disposal (Fresh +Old)   : 9313

Cases under consideration     : 815


2013 – 12th October 2015

There is no provision for membership / registration / affiliation / enrolment of NGOs and individuals with the UKHRC. Hence no request on these issues will be entertained by the Commission.
राष्ट्रीय मानव अधिकार आयोग के साथ गैर सरकारी संगठनों तथा व्यक्तियों की सदस्यता / पंजीकरण / संबंधन / नामांकन हेतु कोई प्रावधान नहीं है। अतः इन विषयों पर किसी प्रकार के आग्रह पर आयोग द्वारा विचार नहीं किया जाऐगा।


Disclaimer: UKHRC is not responsible for any inadvertent error that may have crept in the Information being published on INTERNET. 
अस्वीकरण : नेट पर प्रकाशित सूचना में, अनजाने में हुई किसी भी गलती के लिए UKHRC जिम्मेदार नही है।



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